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There are 4 basic beginning jobs, or classes, in Wonderking Online when you create your character.

This includes the mighty Swordsman, the intelligent Mage, the nimble Thief, and the accurate Scout.

Basic Edit

Basic abilities are available to all classes and include: Rest, HP and MP Increase and Recovery.

Basic Skills

Swordsman Edit

A class equipped with a strong defense and short-range melee attack that acts as a tank to insure the party members' safety. While the swordsman's MP (mana/magic points) lack a lot compared to other classes, the swordsman stands above everyone else when it comes to HP (hit points/power). Using swords with shields for 1 handed sword wielders or 2 handed blades. When a Swordsman achieves level 30, they may advance to either a Warrior or Knight.

Class Tree: Edit


Warrior Knight
Berserker Paladin

Mage Edit

As a class with high intelligence & magic powers, they use powerful spells to stop 1 or many enemies. Due to their weak defense, they must situate themselves well in order to perform their ranged magic attacks and de-buffs against an enemy. When a Mage achieves level 30, they may advance to either a Priest or Wizard.

Class Tree: Edit


Priest Wizard
Saint Warlock

Thief Edit

A class with high dexterity and evasiveness. Their skills confuse and trap the enemy. They use Daggers and Shurikens. When a Thief achieves level 30, they may advance to either a Rogue or Ninja.

Class Tree:

Thief Edit

Rogue Ninja
Knave Assassin

Scout Edit

A long-ranged attack based class with high accuracy. Their specialty is leaving no weak spots by attacking from far-ranged areas. They also have the ability to set special devices that leads the enemies into deadly traps. When a Scout achieves level 30, they may advance to either a Gunner or Archer.

Class Tree: Edit

Scout Edit

Gunner Archer
Gunslinger Ranger